Six Things


[ the welcome wagon at the Powell home ]

This past week we enjoyed staying at my parents’ so Taylor could attend the lectureships at our alma mater. I snuck on campus for one very special lecture – Dad’s – and it was so nice to be able to hear him, even if it was bright and early. We loved spending some quality time with my parents and I am beyond thankful that my husband loves his in-laws and they him! We also got the chance to see friends and catch a movie (very impressed, Bradley Cooper) in between work and the lectureships. Amongst all the craziness, my favorite moments were spent lounging on the big leather couch in the living room laughing and drinking hot chocolate with my family – it’s the little moments that stick with us the most! This week is all about showering my love with LOVE as we gear up for Valentine’s Day this weekend. How are you showing those you love the most how much you love them this week? xo

FullSizeRender[1][ disco nap ]


[ somebody enjoyed his hot chocolate with cinnamon and cream ]

20150207_151214[ my husband’s birthday present arrived a little early ]


[ he has officially mastered “sit” ]


[ nothing better than some sunshine and these two]

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