Shameless Plug: HitchSwitch

I’ve decided to start a series every Tuesday not so cleverly titled, Shameless Plug. Each week I will feature one item that I adore because it makes my life easier and for the overarching fact that I adore it. Who knows, maybe you’ll be needing something similar and will become a believer after reading each week!

To start us off, I would like to let all my engaged/recent newlywed ladies in on a little secret: HitchSwitch. Upon getting married the one thing I dreaded more than unpacking was the one thing my married girlfriends warned me would be the worst – officially changing my name. They warned me about the lines, the fees, the waiting for paperwork only to then wait for more paperwork.

Well thanks to The Knot, I found the most genius company that for a ridiculously small fee they do all the grunt work and send you a chic folder with every document you need to sign to reflect your married name. They even include stamped envelopes, detailed directions and colored tabs indicating where to sign and date. Thanks to HitchSwitch and a cup of coffee – after all, paperwork is still paperwork – I was able to take care of everything from social security to a new passport and photo. Also, I’m registered to vote now as Katie Powell Bell. BOOM! I cannot sing their praises enough and I highly recommend you checking them out if you find yourself newly married OR looking to give a one-of-a-kind wedding present (they have gift cards)!

Alright, now I’m off to yoga and then to bake some sweet Valentine’s treats for some sweet friends…if my husband doesn’t eat them all first! xo

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