What Women Really Want For Valentine’s Day


My husband and friends know that I’m a hopeless romantic. I love anything sentimental and yes, sappy – throw in a bouqet of fresh flowers and anything containing dark chocolate and I’m head over heels. While not every woman cares about flowers or a love letter from their other half, I dare say there are some not-so-simple things women everywhere desperately want on every day that ends with “Y.” Some are need-to-haves and some are nice-to-haves but rest assure, boyfriends/husbands/secret admirers do one or all of the above and you’re guarenteed to have your best Valentine’s Day ever. Curious? Let’s get started.

Women want to be pursued. 

Women want to laugh. 

Women want you to unplug and be present while you’re with them.

Women want to know you’re happiest when you’re with them.

Women want to know you think about them when you’re apart.

Women want to feel beautiful. 

Women want to hear how much you care about them.

Women want to be hugged and kissed, just because. 

Women want to feel valued and appreciated. 

Women want to feel safe and protected. 

Women want you to keep on “wooing” them.

Ladies, what did I miss? I’d love to hear what you really want, and then maybe let your guy in on our list. As for Valentine’s Day, whether your celebrating with your man or your best girl friends, be sure to treat yo’ self and tell those you love just how much you LOVE them! That is the point of the holiday, after all. xo

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