Six Things


[ Who doesn’t love iced teacakes with sprinkles? ]

This past week was filled with lots of love and oh how sweet it was! In an effort to share the love, we whipped up several batches of cookies and surprised some members from church. We had so much fun together and don’t worry, we ate plenty of cookies in the process! Friday night we went on a movie date to see Kingsman, Taylor’s pick, and it was a fun film that paired well with our giant popcorn. It was our first Valentine’s Day together so we did it right, complete with little surprises for each other throughout the day, watching classic rom-coms, and making a fancy dinner for two to top it all off! I never dreamed it was possible to be this happy – God knows what he’s doing, doesn’t He? This week is all about that SNOW, and snow we have! We have about eight or nine inches now and I haven’t seen my husband all day because he’s enjoying putting his snowboard to good use in our backyard. Have a great week and stay warm! xo


[ We met our vet’s pet pig, Mabel ]


[ Pink cookie batter makes the best cookies ]


[ A little Spring in our living room ]


[ The menu: filet mignon, french garlic green beans and chocolate mousse for dessert ]


[ People listen to the weather man here, clearly ]

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