Six Things (+1)


[ Gorgeous sunset over the snow ]

After a week of hibernation due to the ridiculous amount of ice and snow at our house, I’ve thawed out a bit and returned! Don’t get me wrong, we had so much fun playing in the snow but after about a week we simply wanted to be able to walk to our car without sliding in slush. Our only regret is that we didn’t make any snow cream…le sigh.

Anywho, last week was one for the books! We spent a couple days in Nashville and I loved spending some much-needed quality time with some of my nearest and dearest. We stayed with my best friend Ashley and her husband and we ate up every minute we spent playing with their precious baby Clark then staying up late basically saving all the world’s problems. We also managed to get all my bridesmaids (plus two husbands, one baby boy and a baby girl on the way) in one room for a leisurely dinner at one of our favorite spots and had such a good time catching up! There’s nothing better than all of your best girlfriends in one room, am I right? We ended the week on a high note with a visit from the Roths! We enjoyed dinner and some music at a local hot spot and relived our childhoods with some after-dinner board games. I’m not sure who was more sad to see them go yesterday, us or Buddy!

This week I’m looking forward to sunshine and warmer temperatures, at least for a couple days before the snow is forecasted to make a brief return. Can you believe it’s March? Here’s hoping we see more March flowers than snow showers. xo


[These two precious loves and plenty of pineapple salsa for the win]


[ Favorite ladies ]


[ The sweetest co-worker ]


[ Such a fun weekend with this hilarious couple and their Boo Boo Pie ]


[ Best rolls, possibly ever ]


[ My love and I enjoying the winter wonderland that is Kentucky ]

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