How To Create a Cozy Guest Room


We’ve had some friends and family in town since we made the move after the wedding, but this past weekend we hosted our first “couple friends” so naturally I wanted a cozy space for them to enjoy during their stay. Truth be told, the guest room had served as a bit of a catch-all while working on the rest of the house, so it felt good to get everything organized and in its place. I’ve watched Mom pull together many a gorgeous guest room and I’m happy to report I picked up a trick or two.

Make The Bed An Oasis 

We added fresh sheets, an oversized bedspread and more than enough pillows to amp up the comfy factor. You never know how many pillows your guests like to sleep with, so it’s nice to have more just in case.


Beside Lighting

We placed my favorite bedside tables on either side and added matching lamps (found at WalMart!) to give the room a little height.

Incorporate Artwork 

Taylor helped me clean up a vintage print that was in storage here when we moved in, and it looks perfect as a focal point for the room above the headboard. We also added a couple smaller prints (one is a framed wedding card that I adore) to make the vintage make-up table more inviting.


Fresh Flowers 

I love a small bouquet of whatever’s in season, and this is the sweetest way to make guests feel extra special. Plus, they smell amazing!

Closet Space

We’re guilty of storing random items in the guest room closet – i.e. suitcases, old suitcases, gift bags, etc. – but we managed to situate it all so there was plenty of room for our guests to hang up whatever they might need to.

Add A Chair

My mom has always preached that every room needs a chair and it’s true, you don’t always want to sit on the bed especially when you’re getting ready for the day. We added a small one, comfortable enough to sit in but functional enough to throw a suitcase on top.

Bathroom Essentials

I always forget something when I travel, usually toothpaste, so I like to have a small basket full of little toiletries on hand for guests to use as needed. I also make sure to have fresh towels and hand towels out in the bathroom so guests can easily grab one.

Reading Material

Just in case a guest wants to wind down with a good magazine before bed, I like to have a few in the room. Also, I love magazines and suppose my friends do, too.

Some items I plan on incorporating into our guest room include a mini framed wifi password, a clock, small rug and more colorful curtains than the antique white ones we have now. How do you make your guest room extra cozy for your guests? I’d love to hear. xo

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