Shameless Plug: Savannah Smiles


Girl Scout cookies, people! I had forgotten all about how amazing these little treats are and truth be told, I hadn’t seen any girl scouts selling the coveted green boxes in a few years. Where were all the thin mints? I had lost all hope.

On Saturday all that changed when Taylor and I were approached by the two cutest little scouts ever. Of course they did their cookie spill and we said, sure, we’ll take a couple boxes. Then in a matter of seconds, they had sweet-talked my husband into buying five boxes to then be entered into a drawing to win FIVE CASES of cookies. OY. One of the five boxes included a new(er) cookie, the Savannah Smile. How adorable is that name? It’s a lemon cookie lightly dusted with powdered sugar – need I say more?

I’m usually a chocolate person but I suddenly only craved that perfectly tart lemon goodness! We finished the box in three days – THAT is how good they are. Also, I was pleasantly surprised to learn they aren’t too high in calorie count for a cookie so all the more reason to support the girl scouts! To find out where you can pick up your five boxes, go here. xo

P.S. All this cookie talk makes me want to watch one of my all-time favorites, Troop Beverly Hills.

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