How To Throw An Epic Easter Egg Hunt


Last Sunday Taylor and I hosted our first Easter Egg Hunt. We invited the whole church – kids of all ages, welcome – and were thrilled when we had such a great turn out! Throwing parties is one of my favorite pastimes but somehow I had never hosted an Easter Egg Hunt! After a little googling and conversations with Mom, I developed a game plan. Taylor was a huge help, especially with the manly things re: moving tables, getting ice, heavy lifting, etc. I loved filling the house with fresh flowers and only the best Easter-themed decorations. Thinking of throwing your own hunt this year? Here’s how in five oh-so-simple steps:

1. Deck the halls — One of the most exciting aspects of hosting an event is decorating accordingly, and I had the best time adding plenty of Spring touches to the house and yard. I brought a lot of fresh flowers in, showcased all kinds of Easter eggs in various bowls/vases, and made fun centerpieces for the food/drink tables. Decorating not your thing? Enlist the help of a good friend and watch your space be transformed for the occasion.

2. Hide lots of Easter Eggs — We asked each family to bring us one or two bags of filled eggs and we would hide them pre-party. We were floored by all the eggs we were given and we spent an hour or so hiding them – one section for the little ones, another for the 5 and up crowd. We hid three highly coveted golden eggs – one for the little ones and two for the older kids. It was the sweetest thing to watch the littlest one in his bow tie hand over his golden egg for his prize – a massive bunny he hugged for the rest of the afternoon.

3. Serve kid-friendly finger food (that adults will want to eat, too) — Of course the hunt is for the kids so make sure they’ll actually want to eat what you serve. Since our’s was in the afternoon we went with festive cupcakes, light sandwiches and assorted pasta salads – made complete with lemonade, fruit tea and since it was a tad chilly, coffee for the adults.

4. Play games — I wasn’t sure anyone would want to play games after hunting eggs and eating cupcakes but they were ready to go! My sweet husband refereed a competitive game of “Egg Toss” and we all had so much fun watching the kids attempt to toss the egg to their partner without dropping it.

5. Enjoy — Sure, you want to be the hostess with the mostest but don’t get so caught up in the hoopla (restocking food, checking the trash situation, taking photos like a mad woman) that you don’t get to spend time with your guests! Don’t worry about cleaning up – just enjoy talking and laughing with your friends. xo









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