Links I’m Loving

1. 25 ways to savor Spring - I recommend observing #7 every day. ( 2. What to do when you feel overwhelmed. ( 3. Gear up for wedding season by thinking about that wedding speech now. ( 4. Remember when we used to eat Chipotle because we thought it was a healthy choice? Now it really is! ( 5. [...]

Seven Things

[ This is a common occurrence ] Let me start off by saying how much I appreciate your prayers for Chelsea and all the support and encouragement you've been giving - THANK YOU! Prayer is powerful and love heals so keep the good vibes coming. In between the business of the week we did take some time [...]

Six Things

[ How fun is this dressing room? ] The theme of this past week would be gratitude. With each passing day I became even more thankful for the wonderful people God has placed in my life: my husband, my family, my girlfriends (some of which now have little ones that I adore!), the smart women that I [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. The right dose of exercise for a longer, healthier life finally revealed. ( 2. These gloriously geeky newborns are already winning at life. ( 3. Take notes: J.Crew's head stylist reveals the secret to truly timeless style. ( 4. Let's talk about wallpaper, shall we? ( 5. Tech apps and services that are sure [...]