Six Things (+ lots more)


[ This is why I’m bad at unpacking ]

These past two weeks have been a little nuts, filled with lots of work, travel and plenty of fun time which included meeting my dear friend (and college roommate) Beth’s baby girl! This past weekend my parents came to visit and we had a great time showing them around and going to every antique store in a 20 mile radius for my mom. We decided to brave the crowds at Tator Day, a local festival here that is taken incredibly seriously by far too many people (there’s even a parade!), to get cotton candy and some awesome tie-dyed shirts that remind me of middle school.

This was our first Easter as a married couple so of course I tried to be wife of the year in the kitchen by making a big Easter lunch. I had never made a ham before and while thankfully it turned out pretty fantastic (Taylor had several helpings), it was too big to fit in one of our four crockpots so I had to get creative with the aluminum foil. Oops. My sweet husband then took charge of slicing the ham and I believe he had a little too much fun breaking in our carving knife. We had a good laugh while we ate lunch and then finagled Buddy into taking a family photo all before taking a nice, long nap.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend and is ready to tackle this week! xo


[ So proud of this gorgeous new mom ]


[ Taylor loves Baby Kate snuggles, too ]


[ Buddy’s first walk in a park was a great success ]


[ Saturdays are for antiquing and finding a Les Paul ]


[ They called it a “tator tot” tee ]


[ Enjoyed a 3D movie with the parents ]


[ My husband won major brownie points for taking on that ham ]


[ My favorite outtake we fondly call “bribing buddy” ]

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