Shameless Plug: Dove Dry Shampoo


Every once in a while you come across a dream hair product – you know, the kind that works wonders, smells amazing and can be bought for a few dollars at the nearest Target. Dove Dry Shampoo has proven to be the dream product for me and my blonde locks, and with the easy price of $4 it’s safe to say I’m hooked.

My former roommate (and nanny extraordinaire) brought this gloriousness into my life, only after we had both tried various expensive dry shampoos and not seen great results. One day she brought home a couple of bottles of Dove dry shampoo and within the week we were loving the results – and the fact that we didn’t have to wash our hair daily to keep it looking top notch. Dove dry shampoo sprays on natural (no powdery residue here!), is weightless, and bulks up your hair to add a little bit of volume (who doesn’t love that?). Oh, and it also works wonders when you need a little more ump for a ponytail or top knot! As a girl with bangs, I swear by this stuff on those mornings I don’t have time to wash my hair or for nights when I need the bangs to pep it up.

Whether you’re already a loyal follower of dry shampoo or haven’t tried it yet, pick up a bottle of Dove dry shampoo the next time you’re out and give it a whirl. xo

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