The Newlywed Life: “I Love You More”

I’m not sure if it’s the fact that I still trip over my new full name (Katie Powell Bell) or the permanent grin on my face, but everyone everywhere loves to point out that I’m a newlywed. This is usually followed by an occasional “Oh, you’re still in the sweet first few years where you still actually like each other” – OY – but mostly people get all smiley too, thinking about those first few years in their own marriage.

Sure, we have moments where we get annoyed with each other or have a small argument discussion due to a misunderstanding. The majority of the time, however, we’re the lovebirds who make the most of every moment together. Since we started dating, we’ve enjoyed a solid balance of fancy nights on the town and thrown together meals eaten around the coffee table. We like to celebrate each other every day, especially birthdays/anniversaries/holidays because well, we love making each other feel extra special. In just our four short months of wedded bliss we’ve started traditions and inside jokes that I know are sure to stick around for many years to come.

There are so many aspects of our young marriage that I adore and appreciate more each day, but there is one thing my husband does that sticks out. It’s very simple but I’ve come to expect it at least once a day. I say “I love you.” What does he say back? “I love you more.” It’s that addition of one simple word that makes my heart skip a beat, and while I always argue and say it isn’t possible, he somehow manages to win every time.

After we returned from our honeymoon I was busy unpacking all of our mugs in the kitchen, when I came across one that Taylor had painted for me one afternoon months ago when we went to paint pottery. I admired it for probably too long and then as I flipped it over to place it in the cabinet I saw it. He had written his name, the date, and then in teeny tiny letters “I love you more.” And just like that, my heart skipped a beat. xo

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