The Newlywed Life: Golf 101

When Taylor and I were dating, he often took me to a driving range not far from my place in Nashville and he would spend the afternoon attempting to teach me to hit a golf ball properly. He loves golf and is quite good at it, so naturally I wanted to join in! I like to think I improved a little each time but let’s face it, I’m not known for my patience and I tend to revert back to my little league softball days when I begin to swing.

Fast forward to a few months ago at a beautiful course not far from our place in Kentucky. It was a gorgeous Saturday and we set out to play an actual game together for Taylor’s birthday. He was looking forward to a full afternoon of golf and I was looking forward to driving the golf cart. Oh, and the snacks, of course. We drove over to the first hole and Taylor handed me my driver. Per his suggestion, I took a few practice swings and he was so encouraging – “That looks great, baby!” and “Exactly right, do that every time!” So yes, I was feeling good when I stepped up to the little orange ball. I took a deep breath, lined up my hands and swung away….the only problem was, I hadn’t gripped the driver properly and had flung it high into a tree directly to our left. OOPS. I looked over at Taylor and he was on the ground laughing as my driver fell from the tree, taking a few hundred leaves with it.

It was the funniest thing that happened all day and truly set the tone for the rest of our golf game! I owned it and moved on to do pretty well for a wife just trying to get competitive with her very competitive husband. We both had the best time just being together, and it didn’t matter that I wasn’t remotely as good a player as my husband or if I took a snack break between holes 9-12. Our marriage was strengthened that day and now we love to golf together. I just try and remember to hold on to my driver! xo

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