Seven Things


[ perfect candles for Dad ]

This past week was all about celebrating the ones I love – from birthdays to Mother’s Day to a new job! It was so much fun to spend time laughing and telling fun stories with Mom and Dad all weekend – especially Dad’s breakfast brunch with my brother there, too! I tried my hand at a German Chocolate Cake from scratch and somehow it turned out quite delicious. Like I always say, go big and if it doesn’t work out there’s always the bakery down the street. In between all the merriment, Taylor took me to the driving range to try out my new golf clubs and while I’m no pro yet, I’m starting to enjoy the sport more and more. Oh, and have you seen The Avengers yet? Go see it. Total boy movie but has a little romance in there so ladies, don’t be scared. Have a great week! xo

20150508_223750[ Charlie was unimpressed with it all, naturally ]


[ We can’t take them anywhere ]

[ A photo-opp break during golf lessons with Tay ]


[ Post-brunch napping ]


[ Making this new adventure official – hello again, TN! ]


[ The best way to end the week ]

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