Shameless Plug: Calm My Anxious Heart


Hi, my name is Katie and sometimes I have control issues. And worry. And ask “what if?” Sure, I know God is in control of all things but sometimes I kick into power-woman mode and before I know it I’m worrying about a situation as if I have any ounce of control over it. Typically I turn to prayer and my trusty Bible but sometimes it’s nice to have a guidebook of sorts to keep me centered and in the right mindset.

Calm My Anxious Heart by Linda Dillow was a book I first read over five years ago when I was living with two of my best friends, Ashley and Chelsea. We had decided to start a book club/Bible study of sorts, so we all read chapters each week and then discussed while we ate assorted snacks, of course. It was nice to be so candid about our biggest worries and fears, and then talk through a gameplan of how to better trust God. It was such a special time for all three of us. Five or so years later we’re all going through our own struggles and we’re praying each other through each one, but again, I’ve found myself struggling here and there with worry. I was packing up my books the other day and what literally fell off the shelf? Calm My Anxious Heart. I picked it up – any excuse to take a break from packing, right? – and was immeditaly reminded of God’s faithfullness and his unique plan(and incredible love!) for all of us.

So why do I highly recommend this one? It’s a book for women of all ages and includes examples from women across the globe. Dillow gracefully covers all topics we all struggle with at some point – contentment, anxiety, understanding God’s plan, trusting God with the “what ifs” and loving the real you. It’s the perfect way to start your morning or end your night – I keep mine on my bedside table and read it whenever I can and it’s been such a blessing to my every day. You in? Buy your copy here. xo

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