Ten Things (Harry Potter Edition)


[ Diagon Alley at dusk is magical ]

This past week the whole family + a good friend of Nathan’s headed to Orlando, more specifically Universal Studios and Harry Potter World, all in the name of Nathan graduating college! We realized once on the plane – after my preacher husband was searched for far too long because they wrongly identified him as a convicted felon with a warrant out for his arrest – that was the first time our whole family had flown together. Crazy! We had so much fun exploring the parks, drinking plenty of butter beer (too sweet for me), getting plenty of pool time and laughing 24/7. We were so thankful for beautiful weather – it only rained one afternoon – and relatively light crowds since most are still in school for another week! Whether you’re a Harry Potter super fan, like my husband and brother, or just think it’s neat, like me, you need to plan a trip to Hogwarts soon! As you can imagine, I took plenty of pictures and wanted to share some of my favorites.

I feel like this trip was the official start to summer and this week it’s back to real life aka packing up our Kentucky house! We’re so excited about making the move back to Tennessee and starting this new adventure but let’s be real, moving is not the most fun. At least we have each other and the cutest furry helper! Have a great week! xo


[ Easily the funniest part of the whole trip ]


[ Still getting used to seeing my new last name and I love it ]


[ The boys and their butter beer ]


[ Dad and Tour Guide Mom ]


[ Proof that I (almost) beat my husband at a heated game of putt-putt ]


[ Boarding the Hogwarts Express ]


[ Breakfast with all the wizards and witches all week ]


[ So much love…and mist ]


[ Perfect end to a great trip ]

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