Ten Things


[ Gorgeous flowers from a sweet friend ]

Week three in our new house and slowly but surely we’re getting settled in and making it our HOME. With the help of some wonderful men from church, the old carpet was removed last week and tomorrow new flooring will be installed and we can start to put each room together. To say I’m excited is an understatement! My parents spent part of last week here with us and gave our kitchen a makeover – we’re talking walls, cabinets, everything! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do and we love our kitchen. We joke that my parents need their own HGTV show and I am convinced now more than ever that it would be a hit! Taylor and I also became real adults on Saturday when we bought a couch – it’s hilarious that decision felt like a bigger deal than picking out wedding bands but we bit the bullet and are so looking forward to next week when it’s delivered right to our living room. The rest of our week was spent running to and from church events, trying out the local Mexican place (of course), and hitting some golf balls with new friends. Here’s to a fabulous, productive and FUN week! xo


[ “Waiting on a woman” ]


[ My dad the professional painter ]


[ They’re just the BEST ]


[ A little kitchen remodel sneak peek – more coming soon! ]


[ Neither one of us enjoyed the visit to the vet for Buddy’s ear ache ]


[ We chose against the lamp ]


[ Sunday Funday ]


[ My sweet ]


[ Pensive Buddy in the midst of our remodel ]

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