Shameless Plug: LaCroix (LA-CROY)


It’s no secret summer has arrived in the South. It’s hot by 8AM and you can’t stand in the direct sunlight for longer than a couple of minutes without needing a pitcher of water and a cold shower. Sometimes, however, I feel like a glass of water just doesn’t cut it. I need a little more POP, if you will. Coca Cola was once my go-to for lunch/dinner/snack time – anytime, really. It got a little out of control and I realized I didn’t need the added sugar or caffeine but oh how I missed it. So much. Until I discovered the goodness that is sparkling water a la LaCroix. Yes, it sounds a tad pretentious but it’s simply carbonated water that tastes amazing without all the extra junk. That’s right! No calories, no sweeteners, no sodium. The yummy flavors are all-natural and so good – passionfruit is my new favorite. My husband used to laugh at how much I drank on a weekly basis until he tried one, then another, and another – now he’s hooked!

Wondering how it’s pronounced? LA-CROY and yes, it rhymes with enjoy. Also interesting, the origin of the name LaCroix, contrary to what many people think, is not French. LaCroix is originally from La Crosse, Wisconsin – the name is a cross between the town La Crosse and the river that flows through it, named the St. Croix River.

So whether you’re trying to quit soda or just want a fresh way to get your 8+ glasses of H2O in each day, go grab a couple of cases and let me know what you think! xo

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