The Newlywed Life: Comfort & Joy


Last week I had one of those terrible couple of days that were almost comical based on how many things went south. I was feeling resentful, exhausted, and just over it – I wanted to (at least mentally) crawl under the covers for the rest of the week.

I spilled everything to my husband who is by far one of the greatest, and most patient listeners I have ever know. He listened as I explained every detail through bouts of crocodile tears and when I had said everything (twice, I’m afraid) he said “I love you.” While he began to offer up additional words of encouragement I felt everything shift – I realized I was far too focused on myself. I quickly realized I was throwing a pity party for myself and my husband was nicely trying to bring me back to what is most important. I wasn’t quite ready to forgive myself for the little mistakes I had made, but I knew I needed to kick the negative by bringing in something positive.

I pulled it together and made Taylor dinner with chocolate chip cookies for dessert (just because). We ate our cookies while watching a movie and soon I was laughing the night away. I took the focus off myself and poured all my energies into showing my husband love, and it made me completely forget about everything I had been so upset about hours earlier. It was a nice reminder that focusing on love is the quickest way to get rid of negativity and leave only pure joy. xo

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