Back To School


How is it already August? I don’t know if it’s the serious heat or the fact that our summer has been jam-packed but it doesn’t feel possible that everyone is going back to school this week! There’s something magical about this time of year, when we lazily say goodbye to summer and hello to the promise of fall. Oh, and am I the only one that loves to walk the school supplies aisles and check out all the latest notebooks and pens? Once a teacher always a teacher, I suppose.

Do you remember how you felt on the first day of school? From grade school to college, I was always so excited to meet my teacher(s) and see my friends, all while sporting a new outfit and monogrammed everything, of course. With a new school year beginning, I’ve thought a lot about how much of an impact teachers had on me over the years. Yesterday in our 20’s & 30’s something’s class at church we all talked about people who have influenced and changed us for the better – would you believe almost every one of us named a teacher?

For me it was Lisa Kee. I knew her most of my life since she went to church with us since I was young, but it wasn’t until I was in her Honors English class in high school that she rocked my world. She stood on tables to read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, played loud music and ran around singing at the top of her lungs – all for the sake of a teachable moment. She taught me not to be scared to get creative and always told me to shoot for the moon. She helped me fall in love with writing and taught me to think outside of the box in every aspect of my life. While I cherished her and told her so as often as I could, it’s funny that I never really stopped and thought about the tremendous impact she was having on me until years after I left her classroom and she left this world. She taught me life lessons that went far beyond the classroom, shaping me into the woman I am today and for that, I will always be grateful to her. She holds a very special place in my heart and if I turn out anything like her, I’ll be content.

So to all of the teachers out there, I pray you have a fruitful semester filled with more good days than bad. Remember, you are doing an incredible thing just by doing your thing. Sure, you’re teaching important lessons and grading papers and having grade-level meetings and playing crowd control with all those kiddos but you’re doing so much more. You’re inspiring. You’re leading by example. You’re preparing students for successful careers. You’re pushing students to go further than they’ve ever dared to go before and for some, you’re the constant in a world filled with unreliable people and circumstances. Teachers and principals, you don’t hear it enough but please hear it now – we appreciate you! xo

2 thoughts on “Back To School

  1. Lisa would be so thrilled to see the young woman you have become and how you are using your God given talents! And, I’lm sure she never doubted for one moment that it wouldn’t happen. I love how you write!! And, I know this is only the beginning…..God bless you sweet Katie!

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