5 To-Do’s Before We Bid Summer Adieu


Unofficially summer is coming to a close soon, what with school starting back and Labor Day inching closer and closer.

While I’m not a fan of extreme heat and pesky mosquitos, I still find myself a little sad to see the summer go. Don’t get me wrong, I adore fall – SEC football, boots, pumpkin spice everything! – I usually longingly wish I had taken the time to drink up some of my favorite summer pastimes just one more time before the cooler temperatures take over for good.

So this time, no longingly looking back! Let’s all soak up every last ounce of summer goodness. Let me suggest a few ways we can all savor summer before we bid it adieu until next year:

Spend an afternoon in the water – Cliche I know but truth this we will be missing the blue water and hot pink donut floaties pretty soon. Grab your friends and hit up the lake, river or pool, or in my case friend’s pool, and soak in the sunshine only after you’ve applied plenty of SPF. Safety first.

Pack a picnic basket and spend the night underneath the stars – Taylor and I have become big fans of packing a picnic and heading to the drive-in theatre down the street to watch a double feature while we eat. Whether you choose to go fancy with a killer cheese plate or more casual with honey mustard chicken tenders and spruced up watermelon, there’s just something special about eating outside. Plus, this is the perfect time since it’s just cool enough once the sun goes down!

Buy all the peaches – It is no secret I am a fan of peach anything, so I adore summer since peaches are at their peak. Plus, they’re gorgeous and smell amazing – what’s not to love? Enjoy these last weeks of summer by buying the juiciest peaches and trying some recipes. My favorites include peach, ricotta and mint toast, grilled peaches with pecans, and this classic peach cobbler.

Throw on your favorite sundress and strappy sandals – Soon we’ll be in layers and wearing boots so this is the time to give some of your favorite simple, summer pieces one last hurrah. Appreciate the fact that you don’t need a coat nor do you need socks…or depending on the occasion, shoes!

Take your workout outdoors – Whether it’s a morning walk or a quick round of golf, get outside and get moving. We love to complain about the humidity that overtakes the South during the month of August but it’s a beautiful thing when you can burn so many calories just walking around your neighborhood! Anyone into yoga? I’ve recently taken my morning practice to our back deck and it’s so peaceful to be outdoors while I work on my down dog. xo

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