Fave Five


[ Lunch at Torchy’s with Emma Grace ]

We were in Houston all week visiting Taylor’s family and more specifically, hanging out with our newest niece, Emma Grace. Little Emma is oh so sweet and loves morning cuddles, pointing her finger while saying “no no” and eating copious amounts of ice. The week was filled to the brim with quality time with family, getting some pool time in and eating plenty of good food.

Last night we flew out of Hobby a few hours past our original departure time, thanks to too many storms in the area, so we were super thankful for Southwest’s funny flight attendants and complimentary Sprites. The best surprise was the welcome wagon with “The Bells” sign waiting for us once we arrived in Nashville – so thankful for sweet new friends who pick you up at the airport after midnight even though there’s a golf tournament bright and early the next day.

This week we’re on the road again, headed to Pigeon Forge for a conference Taylor’s attending. Dad is speaking so that will be fun to hear him and plus, I hear the shopping is pretty excellent. Have a wonderful weekend! xo


[ When in Texas ]


[ Hours of entertainment ]


[ Double date to Mia Bella in Vintage Park ]


[ Welcome wagon at BNA ]

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