5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood In 2 Minutes (or less)


Experts and moms alike preach that we won’t find happiness in a paycheck or stuff in general. Revolutionary, huh? I consider myself a happy, joy-filled woman but I am human so there are times when I find myself feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and in need of a serious attitude adjustment. So next time you need to turn around a crazy day at work or brighten up a draggy afternoon, try one of these to lift your mood and bring that award-winning smile back to your face.

Let the Light In

To feel happier in seconds open those windows! Have a little more time? Have breakfast/lunch/snack time outside or near a big window. For those of you who don’t work from home and wear yoga pants on the daily, make sure you make time to sneak out of that dim office filled with recycled air and spend some time outside.

Smell Something Amazing

Light your favorite candle, add a few drops of lavender oil behind your ears or do what I do in a pinch – smell your hair. Yes, I’m serious. SMELL YOUR HAIR. Unless it’s very dirty and has lost all of its amazing botanical scent.

Talk A Walk 

Hands down, this is the best one for me. Whether I’m stressed, anxious, ready to throw my Macbook off the back deck or just need to recharge my batteries during the afternoon slump, a walk around the block always brings my engines back to neutral and gives me the strength to keep on keeping on. Plus, what’s better than getting some fresh air and watching the leaves fall this time of year?

Phone A Friend

I am so blessed to have wonderful friends in my life and you better believe we all keep in touch daily, whether it’s a quick call or a never-ending text conversation (that would make an excellent book, btw). Often times I’m flipping out or feeling down about something but after I’ve chatted with my friend I either a) realized I was overreacting or b) completely forgot what I was so worked up about. Find your tribe and keep them close.

Count Your Blessings

God has blessed us all in a major way and nothing can put that smile back on our face quite like reflecting on those blessings. Sometimes it’s as easy as thinking about people and things you’re thankful for and sometimes it’s more effective if you jot down as many as you can write in two minutes. Remembering all that you have sure brings life’s little annoyances back into perspective and boosts your mood like no other. Have a great weekend! xo

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