13 Clever & Fabulous Halloween Costume Ideas It’s Not Too Late To Steal

Panicking that you haven't picked your Halloween costume yet? Relax, you've come to the right place. (Well technically I don't do scary so if you're looking for that, then maybe this isn't the right place.) Whether you're looking for something funny, a couples/group-costume, ideas for dressing up your tiny tot or something downright scary, I've got you covered. I [...]

Fave Five

[ Fall perfection ] Is it just me or did this past week FLY by? In between work and church and Taylor's classes we found time to a of all) get outdoors to take in all the gorgeous colors of the season and b of all) scare ourselves with an old 90's classic, Scream. ( I had forgotten [...]

Links I’m Loving

If I wasn't terrified of all haunted houses I would definitely visit one of these. (glamour.com) Check out this super cool map of the most googled costumes per state. (relevantmagazine.com) How to make your last name plural this Christmas season. (slate.com) 7 Things no grieving person wants to hear - and what to say instead. [...]

Fave Five

[ Things are getting spooky around here ] Happy Friday! This week I've made some serious headway on conquering my fear of "fancy" recipes thanks to Ina Garten and Jen Hatmaker (see also For the Love). Taylor hung the most gorgeous string lights on our back deck earlier this week and we've been enjoying dining al [...]