Fall To-Do List


Today I bought a massive white pumpkin at the Farmer’s Market (that looks killer on our front porch) and while there may be plenty of green still on the trees, our yard is already half-covered in gorgeous leaves that completely freak Buddy out when they fall in front of his face. You know what all that means? Fall is upon us and whether you prefer pumpkin in your spice or not you have to admit there’s nothing sweeter than autumn in Tennessee. There are plenty of fall/Halloween-related activities I’m looking forward to so I created a condensed list of things I plan on doing this fall:

  1. Make homemade apple cider (thinking I’ll try this one)
  2. Decorate the house with pumpkins of every size, shape and color (halfway there)
  3. Spend a night by the fire pit (s’mores are a must)
  4. Make Mom’s famous chili and watch college football all day
  5. Find Buddy the perfect Halloween costume (I can’t stop laughing at this one)
  6. DIY my halloween costume (inspiration here)
  7. Watch “Hocus Pocus”
  8. Attend a hayride and eat lots of candy corn
  9. Carve pumpkins with Taylor
  10. Unplug for a few days
  11. Buy too much candy for trick-or-treaters (so then we can justify eating 8 reese’s cups)
  12. Finish our gallery wall in the hallway (these are swoon-worthy)
  13. Host a dinner party for friends at the house
  14. Send handwritten thank you notes
  15. Take plenty of long walks with Buddy to admire the season

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