I Can’t Stop Watching Parenthood


There. I said it. The first step is admittance, right? After being told I should watch it by no fewer than ten people, two of those being my friend/former roommate and the other being my mom, I decided to give it a go. I told myself I could always stop if I got bored but let’s be real, once I started I couldn’t stop. I watched season one, episode one maybe a month ago and now I’m almost done with season four. That’s right, I have a problem. I’ve become emotionally invested to the point where I tell my sweet, sweet husband what’s going on in the characters’ lives like they live down the street and are coming over for dinner later. Side note: I would LOVE to have the Bravermans over for dinner!

So before you write me off, those who haven’t gotten sucked in to this captivating NBC series streaming on Netflix, let me share some real-life important things I know for sure now having watched several seasons:

Family is everything

Parenting is hard work and parents everywhere deserve a medal (and a very nice dinner)

I owe my parents a very nice dinner

Outdoor lights are always a good idea

Always embrace the messy, loud and imperfect moments and people

Be there for those you love even if there’s nothing to do

It’s okay to fight with your sibling(s)

Friends who become family are such a blessing and should be cherished

Marriage is a beautiful/tough/fun partnership and worth fighting for

Kids need to see how in love their parents are

Family dinners are a wonderful thing and should be a thing whenever possible

Communication saves relationships

Sometimes you just need to turn on the music and dance around the living room

People may surprise you – let them

You can do thing differently than your parents but their way is good, too

Be quick to forgive and pass grace out like candy

Take risks and go after your dreams

There isn’t much a big hug and a good cry won’t fix (or help at least)

Celebrate everything every chance you get

When times get tough cling to your people and love fiercely

Appreciate it all because life goes by so fast

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