Ladies, 16 Things You Never Have To Apologize For


Having an opinion

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong opinion and voicing that in a real way. Don’t be scared to share what you think and remember, your opinion matters.

Being ambitious

Ambition is attractive and breeds productivity/creativity/good stuff in general. Own what drives you and next thing you know you’ll be inspiring ladies everywhere to chase their dream(s).

Being successful

We can have a career we love, a strong, loving family, a great circle of friends and a solid wardrobe. When you work hard and are blessed with success be thankful.

Having a messy house

Your home is not a museum and well, real people live there.


Oscar Wilde once said “You can never be overdressed or overeducated.” Can I get an amen?

Not looking “put together”

No one expects you to look like Beyonce to make a Publix run for milk or to wear your best stilettos to pick up the kids from school – and even if they did, that would make them the problem, not you. Wear those yoga pants with pride!

Your life choices 

Happily single? Happily married? Want kids earlier than your peer group deems acceptable? Want to get married right this second? Don’t want to get married maybe ever? Chased your dream job or job and just now thinking about settling down? You do you. We’re all different and that’s what makes life so interesting.

Having emotions – and showing them

You shouldn’t apologize for getting “overly-emotional” — especially when your emotions are totally appropriate for the situation and well, sometimes you just have to feel all the feelings.

Crying during a Legos commercial

Sorry I’m not sorry but have you seen this?

Asking questions

Would anyone be better off if you don’t ask a question, and simply guessed about how you’re supposed to install that car seat/make your own pumpkin spice latte/create that very important client report?

Putting back the organic granola and buying double-stuffed Oreos

It happens.

Being a real mom

My mom fed me french fries and let me run around the front yard without shoes and eat cupcakes made with real sugar and you know what? I turned out just fine and with zero food allergies. Moms, never apologize for whatever decisions – big or small – you make. You’re an inspiration to this (Lord willing one day) future mom!

Standing up for your beliefs and your people

Have a passionate belief that conflicts with someone else’s? The horror! But really: opinions and beliefs are awesome, and you don’t need to defend yourself just for having one (or having one that conflicts with someone else’s). Also, always stand up for your people. Always.

Asking for help

No shame.

Taking time for yourself

Taking time for yourself helps you be a better, more relaxed, non-insane human being and is a necessity from time to time.

Being yourself

You are incredible, and haters are gonna hate. So shine on, girl. Shine on.

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