Easy Ways to Deck Your Halls for Fall

It’s no secret I love this time of year so of course I love bringing some of the seasonal goodness indoors. Sorry, loyal Pinterest followers but let me go ahead and admit I love to browse the site but usually am left feeling 100% overwhelmed and under qualified to attempt most of the DIY decorating projects re: the grandiose porch display or centerpiece made entirely from pumpkin seeds. I have a full time job, a husband, a very energetic puppy and an obsession with trying new recipes and Parenthood – there’s no time for extravagant decor and really, no need. More isn’t always more and I prefer to keep it simple while throwing in as many pumpkins as I can find Taylor will allow. Case in point:


Jumbo (and Buddy-sized) pumpkins courtesy of the local Farmers Market + I added two Raven-esque birds to our existing topiaries


Oh how I love this gold and white pumpkin from Mom we added to our entryway


I found this spooky candelabra from an antique store here in town and paired that with a jar filled with candy corn + sea salt peanuts


Mini pumpkins + giant glitter pumpkin complete our living room

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