Fave Five


[ Fall perfection ]

Is it just me or did this past week FLY by? In between work and church and Taylor’s classes we found time to a of all) get outdoors to take in all the gorgeous colors of the season and b of all) scare ourselves with an old 90’s classic, Scream. ( I had forgotten how dumb it was but somehow we still managed to get a little spooked, shock!) One of the best moments was when Buddy’s Halloween costume finally came in and of course we had to try it on and take about 27 pictures. I already feel bad for our child when Lord willing we become parents one day. Anyways, today we’re enjoying this rainy Sunday afternoon by watching some silly Halloween movies and planning all the spooky details of the costume party we’re hosting Friday night. I can’t wait to reveal what I’ve talked Taylor into us dressing up as…tis’ the season, yes? Have a great week! xo


[ Lunch break with Taylor & the best panini ]


[ Always a good decision to move the devo & dessert to the back deck ]


[ His and Her’s ]


[ Buddy in his element ]

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