Halloween Weekend To-Do’s


Whether you’re planning on spending the entire weekend cozy at home or hopping from party to your local trunk or treat, this weekend is sure to be filled with all the best Halloween goodness. Does the idea of dressing up and venturing out sounds scarier than the last horror movie you saw? Are you looking forward to starting new spooky traditions with your kiddos? There are so many aspects of Halloween weekend I look forward to each year – for my fellow Halloween junkies, check out some October 31st weekend to-do’s I highly recommend working into your haunted plans: 

Make a killer cheese plate

This is a little tradition Taylor and I started last Halloween when we were engaged. We picked all the best cheeses and crackers and fruits and some fruits we weren’t even sure how to eat, put it all on a pretty platter and feasted while we passed out candy to trick or treaters. I look forward to doing this again this year!

Have a movie marathon

Invite some friends over and bust out Hocus Pocus and It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown. Hello, nostalgia! Turn off all the lights and watch the classics by candlelight.

Carve pumpkins

Even after 29 years I absolutely love everything about carving pumpkins and my favorite part, roasting the seeds after! Bonus points if you don’t get pumpkin guts all over you!

Host a costume party

We are super excited to have some couples over for an old fashioned costume party, complete with a grand prize for best costume. I cannot stress this enough: you don’t need a big house or Martha Stewart-level hostess skills to host a great party! Invite friends, get a great costume, make great food to munch on, add some spooky touches to the house and ENJOY!

Check out the local haunts

We’re excited to check out Halloween on the Square/Parade here in our town which is exactly our speed because I’ve never been able to work up the courage to get into a haunted house. Love to be scared? Grab a friend and brave the local haunted house – may you have more treats than tricks! xo

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