Ladies, 16 Things You Never Have To Apologize For

Having an opinion There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a strong opinion and voicing that in a real way. Don't be scared to share what you think and remember, your opinion matters. Being ambitious Ambition is attractive and breeds productivity/creativity/good stuff in general. Own what drives you and next thing you know you'll be [...]

Links I’m Loving

1. Ten quick and easy moves to do before breakfast. ( 2. This is why leaves change colors - and other fun fall facts. (real 3. I plan on making this dip for a little appetizer soon. ( 4. Reading Jen Hatmaker's hilarious and on-point thoughts on Gilmore Girls makes me want to re-watch the [...]

Fall To-Do List

Today I bought a massive white pumpkin at the Farmer's Market (that looks killer on our front porch) and while there may be plenty of green still on the trees, our yard is already half-covered in gorgeous leaves that completely freak Buddy out when they fall in front of his face. You know what all that means? [...]