The Newlywed Life: The Moment I Knew Taylor Was the One

With our one year anniversary coming up – my how time flies! – I’ve been thinking back to the early days in our relationship. The time when everything was new and we were getting to know each other. Several people have asked me lately when I knew Taylor was the one. I think most assume there was this major moment or grand gesture from him that made me realize I was ready to spend the rest of my life by his side. I hate to disappoint, but honestly it was something small that he did on our first date that built the foundation for our happy marriage today.

Taylor and I met through my brother and my entire family loved him for years. We met while I was home one Saturday, high from pain killers after getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Luckily a few weeks later while I was in NYC for business he called and asked me on a proper date. I promised I would look presentable this time. He picked me up, knowing him now I know he was nervous but at the time he seemed the picture of confidence as he opened the door to my favorite Mexican restaurant. A month previously I had sworn off men after too many mediocre dates so I was a little nervous at how easily the conversation was going and how much fun I was having. Soon our food arrived and as I picked up my fork he said, “I’ll go ahead and pray for us.” I put my fork down, he grabbed my hand across the table and prayed.

Remember all those men I had sworn off? It was due to the fact that most didn’t act like the kind of me they professed to be, and none of them bothered to pray with me, whether it was before meals or any other occasion. Taylor praying for us on our first date brought me back to the real me, the me I had been making my way back to before he arrived. I don’t remember a word of that prayer but it was that particular moment that made me realize I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

Since we first met and ever since, Taylor has prayed with me and for me, and not just before meals. xo

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