My Favorite Christmas Ornaments on Our Tree


[ our wedding cake topper doubles as an ornament ]

Our Christmas tree isn’t necessarily a themed tree, but it reflects the people and places we love. We decided on a red and gold color palette because it complimented most of the ornaments given to us by friends and family, as well as those we have bought together over this past year. I’m mesmerized every time I look at our first Christmas tree together and I keep asking Taylor if we can keep it up through January. Honestly though, there’s something magical about the lights and all the shimmery goodness that makes me feel like a kid again. I look forward to adding more and more ornaments to our tree each Christmas! What are your favorite ornaments on your tree? xo


[ picked up from a great store here in town ]


[ given as a wedding present from a dear friend ]


[ my parents parted with this cardinal from their collection that’s been in the family since Mom was a kid ]


[ hand crafted by a sweet friend ]


[ snagged this on our last day at Harry Potter World this summer ]


[ given to us at our holiday open house ]


[ from The Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge, TN ]

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