Sweet 16


Well now that the Christmas decor is officially up and in storage and I’ve got a week of work behind me I feel like I’m ready to officially say hello to the blogging world once again. I had an epic holiday season filled with travel, family, great food, friends, tons of movies, a bed and breakfast and sweet surprises. I loved every minute and was sad to say goodbye to it all, but there’s something about starting a new year. A fresh start. A clean slate.

2015 involved a lot of firsts for our family: first year of marriage, first year with Icon for me, first year with Fairfield for us both, first year with Buddy, first year I cooked actual meals as opposed to baking all the sweets (and learned to love it!), and Taylor’s first semester of grad school.

While last year will be hard to top, I cannot wait to see what 2016 holds for us. God has blessed us in such incredible ways and I have no doubt in my mind that He will take care of us this year. Did you make resolutions? Since resolutions seem easier to break – am I right? – Taylor and I made goals together and thanks to the running list posted on our fridge for accountability purposes we will meet those goals this year.

Whether you made resolutions or goals or just promised yourself you’d try really hard at a couple things, let me remind you that we’re all in this together.  Whatever you want to accomplish this year YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH THIS YEAR. Positive thinking and some hard work is all you need, my friend. Let’s get after it! xo

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