12 Thing to Cross Off Your Winter Bucket List


Ah, Winter. As a girl who grew up in West Tennessee I rarely experienced more snow than a dusting. Anything past a couple inches and the whole city would shut down. Last year in Kentucky we experienced two separate weeks where we were snowed in thanks to 16+ inches and yes, my husband taught me to snowboard in our backyard with a snow ramp and everything. No matter where we live, winter makes its presence known through shorter evenings, lower average temps, and a sense of pause around us.

Animals rest in hibernation, trees shed all their pretty leaves, and we, too, are invited to take on a slower pace. Maybe it’s all the excess layers?  There is no better time for quiet moments, for hopeful dreaming, and for all the warm comforts of bundling up in our favorite blanket with a bowl of piping hot soup. Whether you prefer to stay in and keep cozy or get outside and explore, there are countless opportunities to soak in these colder days. Maybe you have your own list going – if so, please share! – so here is the running list of items to check off our bucket lists this season. xo

Cozy your home with fresh blooms and winter candles

Try a new recipe (and don’t be afraid to experiment)

Develop an indoor workout routine

Talk a walk in the snow

Grab blankets + friends + popcorn and have an at-home movie night

Read a book just for fun

Clean out your closet (donate anything you don’t need/want)

Make DIY Valentines

Do a random act of kindness for a complete stranger

Set up a blanket fort and “camp out”

Bake homemade bread or sweets and take to neighbors/shut-ins/friends

Host a big Sunday brunch or lunch

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