Sneaky Ways to Burn Calories (Gym Not Required)


Raise your hand if one of your new year resolutions was is to get healthier or get in better shape? Anybody? Taylor and I resolved to focus more on eating cleaner and sweating it out at least four days a week. Some days we’re AWESOME at this and then other days, when it’s 20 degrees outside and we’ve worked all day, take-out and Netflix sound way better than the gym. So I did some research – what are some ways I can burn some calories during my busy day? GOOD NEWS: Turns out, there are plenty of little ways to sneak in some calorie burnage while you’re just living your life, including:

Rise and shine and get that heart rate up: Jumpstart your metabolism by waking up a few minutes earlier than normal and do some light stretching and simple cardio (jumping jacks, crunches, lunges) before you hit the shower. Or sneak some squats in while you dry your hair or brush your teeth!

Sip on coffee: Or tea! Caffeine can help boost the amount of calories burned for up to three hours. It’s also nice to have a little bit before you go to the gym or for a walk because #energy.

Do your chores: Light housework – laundry, swiffering, cleaning the bathroom – burns an average of 170 calories per hour. Bonus is you’ll have a clean house!

Dance it out: Turn on your favorite tunes and dance around your house – maybe while cleaning? Just 40 minutes of dancing burns nearly 200 calories and you don’t have to be Beyonce to make those calories disappear.

Grab some gum: If you like to snack like me, try chewing some gum first. Odds are you’ll forget about that snack or will eat less of it.

Park far away: Forget trying to find the best parking spot! Park further away from wherever you’re going so you’re forced to walk. Same goes with taking the stairs. Easy way to get your heart pumping!

Remain calm: Stressed women are able to work off about 105 fewer calories than those who are calm, cool and collected. Take a few minutes, focus on your breathing, and focus on your blessings.

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