Simple Moments, Extraordinary Blessings


Is it just me or is it sometimes easier and more socially acceptable to complain about the trivial annoyances throughout the day than to be thankful for the special little moments? Sure, I feel 100% calmer and happier when I focus on the blessings during my day but some days I let busyness or a Negative Nancy steal my joy. Not cool.

All of this leads me to a book that I read with my dear friend Ashley last year that forever changed my attitude and thought process – One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp. Have you read it? Ann does a beautiful job of wrapping personal stories and scripture to wake you up to all the blessings, big and small and in between, God gives freely each day. Ashley and I followed Ann’s lead and chronicled our gifts daily until we reached one thousand each. The coolest part for me was looking back through my list at all the amazing ways God had blessed me in the past months. All of these big and small and weird and seemingly boring items were extraordinary blessings God had been gifting me. How had I missed the beauty in these simple moments before?

Sunshine beaming through the kitchen window while making breakfast

A rainy afternoon

Fresh flowers

Being raised in a Christian home

The sound Buddy’s paws make on our wood floors

A sweet note from a friend

The smell of clean laundry

Missing my husband as soon as I pull out of the driveway

When we show genuine gratitude to our Creator, whether we’re in a sunshine and rainbows season or a grin and bear it season, we are choosing to live an abundant, joy-filled life because we are loved in an extraordinary way. If you ever find yourself doubting God’s goodness, look around you. Spend a day paying close attention to all the blessings only God could give. xo

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