The Newlywed Life: My Favorite Night of the Week


Being married is awesome for many reasons. In my top 10 would have to be it’s basically a permanent sleepover with your best friend – sharing a sink would not be in my top ten, let the record show. Besides the unconditional love and live-in sounding board factor, it’s nice to have someone share the not-always-exciting-and-glamourous life stuff with me, i.e. laundry, cleaning the house (Taylor handles the trash, PRAISE), paying bills, budgeting, taxes, grocery store runs….the list goes on and on. Sure, there is beauty in the every day and sometimes mundane but there’s something to be said about setting aside a time each week to just focus on each other. To stop going and doing and just be together.

Before we got married Taylor and I promised each other we would try our best to set aside time for a date each week, no matter how busy. Now in year two of our marriage, we’ve noticed it’s gotten harder and harder to stick to our one date a week plan but we still make it happen. Why?

It’s a time for US to be together without anyone else.

It’s all about FUN.

It’s a time to TURN OFF our phones.

It’s a time for ROMANCE.

It’s a show of our COMMITMENT to each other.

It’s a time to TALK and LAUGH and FLIRT with each other.

It’s a time to wear something other than YOGA PANTS.

Keep in mind, dates don’t always have to be extravagant, adventurous nights out. Not into tandem sky diving? Me neither. Try a new restaurant. See that movie you’ve both been wanting to see. Grab gourmet ingredients and cook a meal together at home. Grab coffee or ice cream and head to the park. Bust out the board games and popcorn. Make out. The opportunities are endless and there aren’t any rules. Remember: It’s not what you do, it’s the spirit you bring to it. Happy dating! xo

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