Friday Faves


[ the sweetest Easter dessert plates ]

It’s Easter weekend – can you believe it? I feel like it was just yesterday we had snow on the ground and now I’ve got the windows open with a bouquet of vibrant buttercups on our coffee table. After a loooong and challenging week, I’m thankful for the holiday weekend to unplug and rest. Of course I plan on digging into some of the Easter candy – those chocolate Cadbury eggs get me every time – as we road trip to Kentucky for my cousin’s baby shower tomorrow. How are we old enough to have our own babies? Funny how time sneaks up on you but as always, God’s plans are the best plans. For Easter Sunday I plan on attempting to fit into the Anthropologie dress I bought last summer, watching all the kiddos go nuts during the church Easter egg hunt and cooking up a big brunch. Have a beautiful Easter! xo


[ love my devo & dessert girls and LOVED getting “egged” last night ]


[ we may or may not tuck Buddy in every night ]


[ fun Easter basket for my favorite little bunny ]


[ at just 17 weeks old Baby Bell already has a jumpstart on her library thanks to my dearest friend ]

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