Be Still & Know: A Lesson Learned From Locking Myself Out of the House


Yep, I definitely locked myself out of our house today. After I finished work for the day I decided to take Buddy for a walk to meet Taylor, who was finishing up at the office, and for whatever reason I didn’t bring my phone or keys. The church is right down from our house and Taylor would have keys, I thought. Well long story short he was upstairs and couldn’t hear me banging on all the doors so I walked back home and did the only thing I could do: sit on the back deck and wait.

If you know me at all you know that unless I am sleeping I am rarely still or quiet. I like to go go go and tonight I had “a million things to do” so I was annoyed that I was resigned to sit in silence. At first I thought about all the things I needed to be doing – laundry, start dinner, write that thank you note, send that email about that thing I forgot about earlier, etc. I was mad at myself for forgetting my phone because at least if I had brought that I could call Taylor or text friends or check my email/Instagram/all the things.

Then after ten minutes or so a magical thing happen – I stopped thinking about my to-do list and looked up. I noticed all the massive trees in our back yard are starting to fill up with the greenest leaves.  I soaked in the sunshine and sprawled my legs out. I watched Buddy’s ears flop with each big breeze and I listened as a bird sang the prettiest little tune.

Once I stopped fretting about how “busy” I was I allowed myself to see God everywhere. In everything.

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” [ Psalm 46:10 ]

You see I’ve always loved that psalm but I’ve never been too good at applying it in my every day life. We’re all so busy with all the things – family, friends, church, work – and God wants us to be still? Sometimes, most of the time, it just doesn’t seem possible but it’s in those rare moments where we are still that we reconnect with our Creator.

We live such fast-paced, frantic lives so its no surprise that being still doesn’t come naturally for most of us. But by seeking stillness we are basically saying, “Nothing else is as important to me as You in this moment, Lord.” God wants to be #1 in our life because He loves us so much – we can make time for quiet time with Him despite our schedules. Tonight on the back porch without all the distractions I was able to simply be still and remind myself what’s most important…and suddenly everything on my to-do list didn’t seem so pressing. xo

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