Everything Beautiful in Its Time


One of my favorite experiences of studying abroad while in college was spending a day at the Louvre in Paris. Truth be told I got lost more than once because #maps but I loved every second of walking through the halls of incredible pieces of art, particularly the massive paintings. Sure seeing the Mona Lisa in real life was once-in-a-lifetime cool , albeit behind thick glass and surrounded by one million Asian tourists, but I gravitated towards the big paintings bursting with different colors and textures. I learned very quickly that with these big paintings it was best to not get right up next to it, but to take a few steps back and see the full picture in all it’s grandeur.

That got me thinking and has kept me thinking ever since of one of my favorite statements in all of scripture: “He has made everything beautiful in its time.” [ Ecclesiastes 3:11 ]

We’ve all had those times in our lives – maybe you’re there now – where everything is such a hot mess. A complete junk show. Whether it’s a crazy day where nothing seems to work out or a season full of tough stuff that makes it hard to breathe, while you’re in it you can’t begin to imagine calling it a “beautiful time.” Luckily we serve a good God who is faithful full-time! He makes everything beautiful in its time, meaning these tough days/months/seasons are simply part of our story just as much as those times we feel at the top of our game. Once we look back on the good/bad/ugly times we’ll see God’s hand in every little situation and we’ll begin to understand.

Sure, my life may look like a mess up close some days, just like when you put your eyeballs right next to a massive painting – no bueno – but the incredible thing is that God is constantly working to make my mess something beautiful at just the right time. He may not always work as quickly as I would like but He’s constantly working to mold and shape me to be more like Him. To love more. To trust more. To serve more. One day I will step back, look at the finished canvas of my life with the Artist beside me, and see it in all its beauty and completeness. That, my friends, is a beautiful thing. xo

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