3 Work Rules I Live By


I always like reading about other people’s work rules they live by – those little tricks they implement that help them make the most of each week. I’ve always considered myself a productive person but over the past few years working as a publicist, then getting married and adding to that my work-from-home status, I’ve really honed in on what makes me work smarter. Here are the three main work rules I always follow that make the biggest impact.

Keep a detailed to-do list. As I’ve mentioned before, keeping a list of my to-dos for the day is crucial to my being able to function. In the PR world it’s not unusual to be juggling four or five campaigns and various side projects at once so keeping track of what I need to get done each day is a must. Often times I’ll prioritize the top 2-3 most important things, that way it helps me focus on the big stuff when I have the most energy (mornings) instead of waiting until the end of the day to scramble to get it done.

Assume the best. Whether it’s a seemingly snappy response from a media contact or a co-worker, I always try to assume the best before getting upset over nothing. In my first couple “real” jobs after college I would get so bent out of shape over what I perceived as the tone of an email or what someone didn’t communicate to me like I thought they should have. 9 times out of 10 there was absolutely nothing to be upset over and most of the time it was just the other person, or me, having an off day. I have since learned to always assume the best before jumping to conclusions and getting alarmed or upset.

Go the extra mile. This is a rule ingrained in me from childhood by my parents and it makes all the difference in my life, both personally and professionally. Yes, I was hired to do a certain job but who wants a colleague who does just enough to get by? No one. I am so thankful to work with such a talented group of smart women who place teamwork of the highest importance so it’s a joy to jump in and help until the job is done.

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