All the Things My Mom Got Right

IMG_0737 (1)

I love my mother dearly, this is true, but of course there were those super fun teenage years where I didn’t always like her so much. She didn’t know anything. She used to say to me all the time,”I hope I live to see you with your own daughter.” That is exactly why I felt a itty bitty flicker of panic when it finally set in I’ll have a daughter of my own soon. Now yes, I was young and eventually grew up enough to realize my mom does know everything. She always has. She’s the most important woman in my life. I love her and I like her and I’m so thankful to have her in my life in such a major way. As I think about how I’ll have my own baby girl come September my mind wanders to all the ways Mom got it right. From the big moments to the smallest gestures she shaped me into me through just being her, and I want to be that shining light to Annie. I want to get it right. I could list far more but here are my top fifteen:

She was my stage mom with a level head

She taught me how to love the Lord above all else

She didn’t allow me to pierce my ears until age 12 (and then walked around the mall with me for a solid 20 minutes since I was so nervous I almost threw up)

She let me be myself

She showed me what a loving wife looks like

She taught me you’re never full dressed without mascara and a little lip color

She let me cry it out when I needed to and pushed me to get over it when I needed to

She laughed a lot and taught us to not take ourselves too seriously

She picked her battles and didn’t disown me after I ruined her antique coffee table with nail polish remover

She never allowed me to disrespect her

She never missed a practice, game, school presentation, show or event

She showed me how to be a real preacher’s wife

She never allowed me to quit anything

She spoke the truth even when it hurt

She sacrificed for me and loved me unconditionally

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