Things You Should Never Say To a Pregnant Woman


We pregnant women constantly receive well wishes and positive remarks about the new chapter in our lives – which is incredible, thank you – but unfortunately we also find ourselves the recipients of some unflattering comments. Some real zingers. Giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure these comments are not meant to be insensitive or inappropriate, but they can easily come across the wrong way to a woman who is busy growing a human while doing a million other things to keep this world in motion. Simply put, there are some things that should absolutely remain unsaid when speaking to a pregnant woman. As I enter my third trimester I feel the need to address this issue now for the love of pregnant women everywhere.

Here are some unbelievable comments said to pregnant women (myself and friends included) and what could be said instead.

“Was it planned?”

What to say instead: “Congrats! So thrilled for you.”

“Wow, you’re barely showing, are you sure you’re pregnant?”

What to say instead: “You look amazing!”

“Wow, you’re huge, are you sure your due date is right?”

What to say instead: “You look amazing!”

“I can tell you’re having a girl because she’s stealing your beauty.”

What to say instead: “You’re glowing!”

“Oh I see that big belly on you.”

What to say instead: “Wow! You look great!”or ask “How are you feeling?”

“You’ll do great in labor because of your wide birthing hips.”

What to say instead: NOTHING.

“You don’t have to stick your bump out we see you’re pregnant.”

What to say instead: “I love the baby bump.”

“I almost died when I was in labor. But I bet you’ll be fine.”

What to say instead: “I had a rough experience but for a lot of women it’s a breeze.” or SAY NOTHING. Why even go there?

“There has to be more than one baby in there.”

What to say instead: “Do you know what you’re having?” or the always popular “You look great!”

“You’re taking advantage of eating for two aren’t you?”

What to say instead: “Have you been craving anything?”

“Enjoy ______ now because once the baby comes you can kiss it goodbye!”

What to say instead: “Parenting changes everything but it’s so worth it.”

“Watch out…wide load coming through!”

What to say instead: “Let me get the door for you.” or simply smile.

“You look exhausted/tired/pale.”

What to say instead: “You look beautiful!”

“Oh look, you have (insert random pregnancy ailment).”

What to say instead: “You look beautiful!”

“Oh I would have never done that/ate that/worn that when I was pregnant.”

What to say instead: “Every pregnancy is different – do what works for you.”

*Ladies, any others you would like to add to this list? Let’s hear em’! xo

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