Summer To-Do List


Every year I make a list of things that I’d like to accomplish before Labor Day. They aren’t complicated in the slightest, instead carefree and full of fun little indulgences to help savor the warmest months of the year. Here are a few I’d like to check off my list before Labor Day…actually before Baby Annie makes her grand arrival. What do you hope to do this summer? xo

Find the perfect watermelon (and make this)

Catch a double feature at the drive-in

Work on our herb garden and tidy up our backyard (i.e. find my green thumb)

Start a monthly supper club

Take long walks at sunset when we’re home

Spend an afternoon piddling around downtown Franklin with Tay and eat dinner at our favorite spot

Throw an Olympics viewing party (complete with themed snacks and drinks)

Visit the Nashville Zoo

Take advantage of as many hang sessions with my girlfriends as possible

Read some chick lit – hello, Emily Giffin’s latest, First Comes Love

Take a mini road trip with Tay

Complete and order those fun Shutterfly books I’ve been working on for months

Make ice cream from scratch – lots of ice cream

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