Girl Crush: The Final Five

080916 final five

I have always been slightly obsessed with any and all gymnastic competitions, which is ironic since when I was in 3rd grade I broke my ankle attempting a backhand spring off a vault just because. (Long story, but I did have an awesome hot pink cast.) So as you can imagine my favorite part of the Summer Olympics is always female gymnastics because what’s not to love? Girl power on the highest level!

Yesterday, the U.S. women’s gymnastics team tumbled, vaulted, and handspringed into our hearts, and dominated the all-around competition. Yes, I cheered and then I cried. Of course I have become emotionally attached to these lovely ladies! Simone, Gabby, Aly, Laurie, and Madison – I now consider them to be close personal friends of mine and often refer to them in random conversations as such. Oh, and don’t even get me started on their blinging leotards that contain 5,000+ Swarovski crystals each – look good, play good. Yep, I’m a super nerd when it comes to the Olympics and gymnastics.

What solidified my girl crush on these five superheros was how last night after their win they announced their team name, one that they had chosen before arriving in Rio but were holding off on announcing until they did what they came to do. It was hard NOT to tear up when they cheered into the camera “We are the Final Five!” – referring to the retirement of their legendary coordinator, Martha. Classy move, ladies. Could I adore them anymore? Highly unlikely. xo

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