Lean Into the Present


Remember how you felt as a senior in college when you you were “so over” everything and just counting down the days until you graduated? Because come on, you were ready for real life! Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday – sitting around with my best friends counting down the days until we were onto the next phase in life. Thinking back on that time several years (and moves and marriages and babies later) I can’t help but wonder what we missed during those sweet last days of irresponsibility all because we were consumed with the next stage.

We always do that, don’t we? We miss so much in the present because we’re anxiously waiting on what comes next. In the midst of our planning for the future we miss the simple joys in the everyday.

Now as I near the end of my pregnancy, God is teaching me how to embrace the blessings in the everyday in this season of waiting in a big way. Yes, my heart is bursting with excitement for the next stage. For the moment when we meet this tiny human we’ve been praying and preparing for. But today is a gift I don’t want to miss. Now is a time to be lived to the fullest. Today affords me the opportunity to make a difference, to make a memory or to simply be still and take it all in.

So whatever season you’re in, lean into the present. Whether you’re waiting on an apology, to graduate, for the seasons to change, a job offer, the right man to come along, your wedding day, to get pregnant, to bring your adopted baby home, to take that fancy vacation, or to get back in your skinny jeans – don’t miss the blessings in the midst of the hustle. Wherever you are in your process of what you’re working towards take time to savor the good stuff in the every day along the way. xo

“Everything God created is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving.” -1 Timothy 4:4

2 thoughts on “Lean Into the Present

  1. Oh how beautiful, Katie you do not lack for words, girl, your amazing, how I wish for you such happiness that is just beyond the door, so sorry I will miss seeing Annie for so long, I cannot put weight on this foot for another 4 wks come Monday, your article was sorta about me, I am always rushing time. Anyway, best of everything, will sure be thinking about you.
    Margaret Martin

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