Oh Baby: 7 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

When Taylor and I started the whole “let’s start a family” conversation I was less than thrilled thinking about enduring a pregnancy. After all, I had heard every horror story EVER, ranging from You’ll be so fat you won’t be able to see your ankles! to I was in labor for 36 hours with nothing more than ice chips and a terrible nurse who was mean to me. Yep. I was not psyched to get knocked up but sure enough, a few weeks later I saw two pink lines and there was no denying it. I was pregnant. I braced myself for nine months of morning sickness and canckles but what I experienced was quiet the opposite. Yes, there were moments like with any pregnancy that were less than fun or glamorous – hello, third trimester heartburn and nightly leg cramps! – but more days than not I loved growing a tiny human.

Annie is a year old now and while we’re perfectly happy with our family as is (for now), I do find myself missing certain aspects of those 9 months and 6 days.

1. Everyone is so nice

PSA: It’s best to be nice to every one all the time but when you’re bumpin’ hard most are next level nice. Doors held open, carts pushed, special cookies made and all the things carried all the time. No lie, I was walking around Target solo at 8 months pregnant and I had another lady first tell me I was glowing (pretty sure that was just sweat from the Tennessee summer heat) and then she let me in front of her in line.

2. Endless massages from my husband

Every night my sweet, sweet man gave me a massage and I’ve got to admit, I soaked it all in and totally milked it. I’m doing all the heavy lifting; the least you can do is massage my swollen feet! No but seriously, he was quick to offer and it made all the difference in keeping me calm and centered while carrying all those extra lbs.

3. Eating all the things, all the time, with zero judgment

I like to think of myself as a pretty health-concious person and while I tried my best to eat plenty of the good stuff (fruits/veggies/dairy) I felt zero guilt when indulging. Mint chocolate chip ice cream with a side of sweet pickles? That was me and I owned it. I also ate my weight in chicken fajitas, grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit with a side of chocolate and you know what? No one said anything because pregnancy.

4. No need to suck in, ever

This was probably the most surprising perk of being with child but oh man, did I love it. On instinct I would try to suck in now and then and laugh when absolutely nothing changed. There was a baby in there and my tummy was free! I wore all the bump-hugging shirts and have never felt more confident in my own skin. The bump became my favorite accessory and I embraced all the form-fitting tops and dresses I could find.

5. The excuse to end all excuses

When you’re pregnant, no one dares to fault you for cancelling plans last minute or leaving early because hello, you’re pregnant and you’re busy “insert some pregnancy related activity here.” Tack pregnancy brain on to this and you can literally get out of any awkward anything, including but not limited to forgetting your friend’s birthday or failing to press “send” on a highly important email. Not that I ever did that or anything.

6. Naptime (sans guilt)

Why is it that when you’re pregnant you don’t think twice about passing out on the couch for an hour but when the baby has arrived you sometimes feel guilty for indulging in such a luxury? I miss those naps something fierce.

7. Just me and baby

Don’t get me wrong, I was more than ready to meet our baby girl and show her off to family and friends but there was something magical about having her all to myself for a while. I loved feeling each and every kick and punch, laughing when she starting hiccupping at 30 weeks and singing to her while I was in the car. It was the two of us against the world and when she would poke me in my side when I would laugh? That will forever be the most beautiful feeling, but making her laugh now is pretty cool, too.

4 thoughts on “Oh Baby: 7 Things I Miss About Being Pregnant

  1. I still remember all too well those last few weeks and the first weeks of postpartum to miss pregnancy yet lol. BUT I sure do miss the amazing naps and the excuse to eat whatever I was craving! And of course the sweet movements of baby inside of you!

  2. Oh so sweet, you are right it is a magical time, I too enjoyed my two times. It’s also a really good feeling to know you can & are doing this, some are not able & thanks to the good Lord, you are given this opportunity to have a precious child. I am so glad your time was so special, I would say this is why
    Annie is such a happy baby, you all sang to her & you both were happy so why wouldn’t she be?

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