Friday Favorites

[ welcoming in the sunshine after several rainy days ]

Happy Friday! It’s that time again, where we’re winding down the workweek and gearing up for the weekend. This week has been filled with tough moments – like the call from our realtor telling us a promising lady had passed on our house and how I set off the hallway fire alarm not once but twice (Taylor thinks it’s the funniest thing). It’s also been filled with sweet moments with Annie, meaningful and much-needed conversations with friends and welcoming in fall with my favorite pumpkin bread (look for the recipe next week!). Taylor has class all day tomorrow so Annie and I plan on hitting up the Farmer’s Market and then doing a little shopping because I turn 31 on Monday. Crazy! I still feel 25 but am thankful to be past my 20’s, can I get an amen?! Thanks for reading and have a great weekend, everyone! Any who, thank you to everyone who has commented or sent me a sweet email/text/note about all the updates to the blog – you are loved more than you know. Have a great weekend!

[ I tend to wish Annie’s clothes came in my size, especially this romper ]

[ loving this new addition to my growing necklace stack from Ashley ]

[ morning routine: coffee, Bible and this from Lisa Harper ]

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