Motherhood Update: Annie at 12 months

Motherhood Update: Annie at 12 months

Eating: Everything. Avocados and strawberry yogurt are her favorites right now.

Sleeping: 7pm – 6am, with a few variations but pretty consistent.

Doing: She is constantly busy crawling, exploring and figuring out how everything works. She loves to study everything from how the front door opens and closes to the pictures in her favorite books.

Saying: Hi, Bye, Eye (usually while poking you in the eye), Dada…she said Mama once last week and not again since. Surely Mama isn’t a one hit wonder, right?

What she (still) doesn’t have: Teeth.

What she does have: So much curly hair! The amount of her dark, curly hair is the first thing people comment on lately.

Latest biggest milestone: She is so close to walking and while it pains me that she’s big enough, it’s so much fun to watch her pull up and let go before carefully squatting back down to crawl wherever she wants to go. I have a feeling she’ll be walking in the next week or so.

Sweetest thing she does: She’s started giving kisses, freely and without any prompting. It melts us every time.

Hardest part of this age: The hardest part is not laughing when she does things she shouldn’t but are so cute it’s hard to contain our laughter. This includes when she spits her water out at dinner and when she flails her arms about to say “no, no, no” to us when she doesn’t get her way, something we taught her to say to Buddy when he was in her face. #parentfail

Favorite part of this age: Annie is getting more mobile and independent but she still prefers to be held a good deal of the time. She loves to snuggle in bed with us in the morning and will often grab a book and put it in my lap for us to read together. I also love her constant chatter and giggling – PURE JOY.

Biggest challenge I’m currently facing as a mother: There is a fine line in my brain between celebrating each new milestone and being a little sad because she’s growing up at what feels like warp speed. The day after her first birthday party I told Taylor she was basically moving off to college the next day and thankfully he reminded me she still doesn’t have teeth. This motherhood gig is not for the faint of heart and is a daily lesson on embracing the present.

Annie at 12 months, is, in one word: Inquisitive.

*photo cred to the incredibly talented new mama, Janet Wylie.

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